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Lashon’s Theory of Relationships

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Lashon’s Theory of Relationships
Katie Pressa

Security expert Lashon Jackson knows how to protect everyone from celebrities to poor kids. But when it comes to relationships with women, he feels like an amateur. Exactly where he goes wrong baffles him, but he refuses to believe his sister’s theory: that he blusters through life and pretends no emotions besides anger and courage exist.

One thing he does know for sure: no more looking for the mythical Ms. Right. No more dating, no asking friends for hook-ups. No more relationships. Period.

When terrorists attack a women’s clinic on Lashon’s watch, the worst week of his life begins. Lashon makes the mistake of being heroic while black and finds himself under suspicion by the police. But in the midst of the crisis, he meets the woman of his dreams—and she challenges everything he believes.

TV journalist Carmen Castillo can do live shots in two languages and stay cool in emergencies, making her the go-to at Channel 25 for breaking stories—and why she gives her agent standing orders to find her a job in a big city like Miami or LA with large Latino communities.

But then she meets a real hero at the scene of a terrorist attack. A man who can change her world, if she sticks around long enough to let him.

Lashon’s Theory of Relationships opens on the same scene that opens A Gentleman of the Old School, but from Lashon’s point of view, and offers a whole new perspective on that pivotal event.

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Book 1: A Gentleman of the Old School
Book 2: Lashon’s Theory of Relationships
Book 3: America’s Sweetheart
Book 4: Shotgun Wedding

About Katie Pressa

Since she read her first romance novel at age twelve, Katie Pressa wanted to write a romance. A recovering journalist, she finally decided to chase her fiction dream. Her first three novels, Gentleman of the Old School, Lashon’s Theory of Relationships, and America’s Sweetheart, appeared from Three Fires Press in 2017. Her next novel, Shotgun Wedding, will appear in 2018.
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