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Shotgun Wedding

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Shotgun Wedding
Katie Pressa

How can you fall in love when you have a huge, dark secret to keep?

Heather Landis follows the code of loners everywhere—keeping her own company, pleasant to those she works with but never getting too friendly. She finds safety and relief, not despair, in her privacy and self-containment.

Until a visit from a stranger opens the door to the traumatic past she spends all her energy keeping locked up.

Only one other person seems to understand her. Santore Security agent Gage Knight. She trusts only Gage, the man who knows how much courage she must possess and whose presence warms her heart.

But Gage must decide how close he wants to get to the beautiful woman who seems terrified and brave in equal measures, who makes it hard for him to keep his feelings for her hidden.

Can love really survive between two people so entangled in a web of fear?

Discover the whole series!

Book 1: A Gentleman of the Old School
Book 2: Lashon’s Theory of Relationships
Book 3: America’s Sweetheart
Book 4: Shotgun Wedding

About Katie Pressa

Since she read her first romance novel at age twelve, Katie Pressa wanted to write a romance. A recovering journalist, she finally decided to chase her fiction dream. Her first three novels, Gentleman of the Old School, Lashon’s Theory of Relationships, and America’s Sweetheart, appeared from Three Fires Press in 2017. Her next novel, Shotgun Wedding, will appear in 2018.
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